1. While Stolen Light tours the festival circuit, director Riccardo Sai has been keeping busy directing this music video with Mercutio. You can pre-order ‘Back To Nowhere’ on iTunes https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com%2Fgb%2Falbum%2Fback-to-nowhere-single%2Fid891313157%3Fls%3D1&redir_token=QdgM9XDtvcKRHA_h53emF_uLm318MTQwNDU1OTgyMEAxNDA0NDczNDIw


  2. All the links

    For those that might have missed all the goodies that have gone along with the Stolen Light posts, here’s a compiled list. If you know of any others, please share.

    Fundraising video - http://vimeo.com/riccardosai/slpromo

    Teaser #1 - http://vimeo.com/riccardosai/slteaser1

    Teaser #2 - http://vimeo.com/57951875

    Teaser #3 - http://vimeo.com/57929765

    Trailer - http://vimeo.com/riccardosai/sl

    Stolen Light Screening @ BFI Southbank (Photos)- https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.595205947180275.1073741828.518060868228117&type=3

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/stolenlightfilm
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/stolenlightfilm
    Tumblr - http://www.tumblr.com/blog/stolenlight

    Stolen Light is currently touring the festival circuit and most recently won the 2014 award for best photography at the Visioni Italiane/Cineteca di Bologna in Italy.

  3. Stolen Light Film is still making the festival circuit and will be screening this coming Wednesday (19/3) and Thursday (20/3) at the Novara Cine Festival in Italy. Since 2004, Novara has been the venue for one of the major festivals of short films in the world. Winners are declared by a jury, and the prizes and trophies awarded are worth thousands of euros, so we wish everyone buona fortuna!(good luck). http://www.novaracinefestival.it/en/node/604
  4. connortemplefan:

    Andrew Lee Potts- Stolen Light.

  5. Any of you lot going to be in Essex at the weekend? Don’t forget to stop in to the Thurrock International Film Festival on Saturday 28/8 and have a look at Stolen Light Film 3.30pm Thameside Theatre. Tix are just £3. For more information and to book tickets go to http://thurrockfilm.co.uk/


  6. arya-salvariano:

    I need to see this movie. Andrew Lee Potts is just perfect

    Stolen Light is still making the festival rounds. Once complete, Riccardo has got some great things lined up for distribution. Stay Tuned. :)


  7. A nice little write up on the screening of Stolen Light.


  9. Stolen Light is screening at @zerofilmfest at Netil House, Dalston, London (UK) July 25th 8pm.

    Info and tickets here http://www.zerofilmfest.com/london.

    Come along won’t you?

  10. luvconnor:

    Stolen Light ~ Jonas


  11. Stolen Light will screen at Thurrock International Film Festival on Saturday 28th September at the Thameside Theatre, Grays. The screening will be at 3:30pm. There is an audience choice award that can be voted for at any screening, the winner of this award will be announced at the Award ceremony on 28th September so please come and support Stolen Light!! Tickets for this screening are £3 and can be booked in advance via this link (http://www.thurrock.gov.uk/theatre/content.php?page=service_events&ID=1574 ) or bought on the day.
    More info here: http://thurrockfilm.co.uk/schedule.htm
  12. Stolen Light has been selected to appear in the Corto Acquario Festival in Rome Italy. Wishing everyone luck!

  13. a great candid shot from across the bar…

  14. More from BFI Screening

  15. 2013 Stolen Light BFI Screening